Easily Distracted

We are, in this current age, very easily distracted. If a person begins with a distractable nature, has even the minutest exposure to social media and the curiosities of the web, it is possible to spend all time popping down rabbit holes “just to see.”

Making notes can be a way to slow this down, even when the temptation to digress is almost irresistible. There is something to be said for just “getting things down.”

My first thought when I began this entry was to talk about wrong turns. I very much want to believe that nothing is wasted, but I do regret time spent on stuff that hasn’t helped me make art or do what I think might be one of the purposes of art—to share “what it feels like [to be alive].”

One of the problems with journaling is the Heisenberg Principle—the idea that the very act of observing a thing changes it.