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Rhymes with Quirky

(And other FAQs about Lisa)


You have an unusual last name. How is it pronounced?

My surname is a present from my husband. It rhymes with quirky, which seems apt.

Have you always been an artist?

Yes. Art-making has always part of my daily life, though professionally I first focused on writing, publishing and teaching. 

In 2003, I formed an indy design biz called Hit Those Keys. After around ten years of producing award-winning websites for fellow artists and writers, I turned to painting. I've been selling originals and also prints and cards of my work since 2011. Most recently, I exhibited my work at the One of a Kind Show and Sale, in Chicago.

Where did you grow up? What kind of kid were you?

I grew up in Princeton, NJ, under the dual influences of a writer-editor and an artist-architect. As a child, I was shy and happiest to be on my own and use my imagination. My favorite places to go were the pet store, the art-and-stationery supply store, and the public library. 

Where do you live now? Do you have children?

We have two adored adult children. These days, my husband and I live in the same house that my father designed and constructed while I was a child. (One of my favorite memories from the time when the house was being built is of me holding up a wall while Dad ran to grab another tool.)

What are some of your favorite things?

I’m still very fond of animals, art supplies, and books. Every day when I get to read something, write something and make something, I feel lucky.

What's next for you professionally?

I'm eager for book work and seeking representation.  Let's talk art!


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