Lisa Firke

• is a creator who makes things (up)
• still wishes animals could talk and dryads were real
• always says “Rabbit, Rabbit!” on the first day of the month

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About Lisa

Rhymes with Quirky

My surname, Firke, is a present from my husband. It rhymes with quirky, which seems apt.

Lisa in the Studio

I draw and make up stories
in an improbable house in Princeton, NJ.

My father began designing and building this house while I was still a child. He gave it gigantic windows, tipsy skylights and undulating walls. Our family filled it up with animals and art supplies, books and typewriters, and many now-iconic midcentury objects.

Back then, it was a treat to go to the pet store, the stationers, and the public library. I was an odd, dreamy child, and fervently wished animals could talk and dryads were real.

I remember placing books open on the floor and wishing I could dive into the colorful scenes—the way the characters magically jump into the sidewalk chalk paintings in Mary Poppins.

According to one (almost certainly apocryphal) family account, I told our librarian:

“When I grow up, I’m going to make pictures for books
and jump into stories every day.”

But first I majored in Elementary Education, married a Latin teacher and moved to boarding school. There we raised other people’s teenagers and then our own two children.

Professionally, my focus was on writing, publishing, and graphic design. Now I’m ready to leap into surface pattern design and children’s book work.

Let’s talk art.

As Seen In

My illustrations, writing and artworks have appeared
in these publications and venues: