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Painting with Hot Wax

My deepest obsession this past month was a foray into encaustic painting, something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I held back for several years because it’s a much more expensive medium to work in than watercolor or even acrylic/oils. And, too, I don’t like being hot, and encaustics are all about heat. You heat wax before you paint with it, then heat it again to fuse it to a substrate. But the call of this luminous and mysterious medium was too much to resist. I enrolled in (yet another) class via Introduction to Encaustic Painting, taught by Stephanie Hargrave. Here’s an example of what you can do with encaustics if you have been working with them for over a decade, as Stephanie has:

Olivia I — 36″x36″ © by Stephanie Hargrave. See more of Stephanie’s work here.

As for my own efforts, here’s what the process looks like, from heating a griddle to right temperature, to melting pots of wax, to preparing panels with clear wax medium before adding further color: